NFL News: Dak Prescott & Cowboys Contract Drama, Derrick Henry Deal + Yannick Ngakoue Trade Rumors

NFL news today is coming at you from Chat Sports’ Mitchell Renz host of NFL Daily. Derrick Henry signed a 4-yr, $50 million contract today to stay with the Tennessee Titans. The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott couldn’t agree to an extension, who is to blame? The Jaguars franchise tagged Yannick Ngakoue, but he was already started talking to teams about a trade according to a report. 

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Myles Garrett is closing in on the biggest defensive contract in NFL’s history. Kenny Still was arrested Tuesday for protesting Breonna Taylor’s death. Le’Veon Bell is upset about his Madden 21 rating being only a 87.

NFL News & Rumors:
- Derrick Henry’s Deal
- Dak Prescott contract
- Yannick Ngakoue Trade rumors
- Kenny Stills Arrested
- Myles Garrett’s MEGA deal
- Le’Veon Bell upset?


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