NFL News: 10 BEST NFL Defenses Entering The 2020 Season

Defense wins championships is an old time saying one hears when discussing the NFL. So with that being said, which NFL team has the best defense entering the 2020 season? Chat Sports’ Mitchell Renz host of NFL Daily breaks down the 10 best NFL defenses entering the 2020 season.

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NFL News and rumors all offseason were around free agency and the 2020 NFL Draft and which teams improved from last season? The 49ers, Bills, Patriots and Bears are expected to all have great defenses.The 49ers bring back their secondary and despite losing Deforest BUckner in a trade, they replaced him with Javon Kinlaw and still have Nick Bosa. The Pats and Bills will battle it out in the AFC East and it may be settled by who has the best defense in the division. The Bears struggled in 2019 but had the best defense in the league in 2018.

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NFL defenses that seem to be solid every year are the Steelers and Ravens, find out which AFC North team is higher on our list. The Saints added Malcolm Jenkins which should be a huge addition to the defense. The LA Chargers have tons of talent but need to stay healthy. The Broncos have Von Miller one of the best players in the league and the Eagles traded for Darius Slay this off-season. 

IN THE VIDEO ABOVE & BELOW: Chat Sports’ Mitchell Renz host of NFL Daily breaks down the 10 best NFL defenses entering the 2020 season:

10 BEST NFL Defenses IN 2020: 
#10 Philadelphia Eagles
#9 Denver Broncos
#8 Los Angeles Chargers
#7 New Orleans Saints
#6 Baltimore Ravens
#5 Pittsburgh Steelers
#4 Chicago Bears
#3 New England Patriots
#2 Buffalo Bills
#1 San Francisco 49ers

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