NFL Free Agency: Updated Super Bowl LIII Odds & Most Improved NFL Teams Thus Far

With the frenzy of the 2018 NFL free agency period over, the latest odds for Super Bowl LIII reflect several improving teams including the Houston Texans, Chicago Bears, and San Francisco 49ers. Host Cam Rogers breaks down the most improved teams via free agency and how their Super Bowl LIII odds have changed since Super Bowl LII concluded. 

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The video above (and shown below) is from The Cam Rogers Show, a Facebook Live show. All of these videos can be found on The Cam Rogers Show on YouTube.

Here's the full list of NFL teams discussed:
Houston Texans (25-1 to 22-1)
Jacksonville Jaguars (28-1 to 22-1)
Oakland Raiders (33-1 to 22-1)
Chicago Bears (100-1 to 80-1)
Cleveland Browns (100-1 to 66-1)
Minnesota Vikings (12-1 to 9-1)
San Francisco 49ers (20-1 to 14-1)

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