NFL Draft Rumors On Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins, Chase Young & Atlanta Falcons + Tom Brady News

NFL Rumors are buzzing as the 2020 NFL Draft kicks off tonight with Round 1. The Miami Dolphins are at the center of attention as they have 3 first round picks this year. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports that the Dolphins are looking to trade up to take an offensive tackle. Will the Dolphins pass on Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa? Mike Florio suggests the Dolphins are still making a play for the #1 overall pick. NFL Daily host Harrison Graham has the latest NFL News & Rumors as we close in on the NFL Draft.

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The Atlanta Falcons are expected to be aggressive during the draft as reports suggest they’ve even tried to move up to the #2 overall pick and get Chase Young. The Redskins are “listening” to offers, but aren’t actively looking to trade down from the #2 pick. Will there be a lot of trades during Round 1 of the NFL Draft? Could a big-name player like Trent Williams get traded tonight? Several teams are interested in Williams as he continues to seek a trade out of Washington.

NFL News includes a bizarre Tom Brady story as the Buccaneers’ QB apparently walked into a stranger’s house on April 7th. Brady was trying to go to Byron Leftwich’s house, but accidentally walked into Tampa Bay resident David Kramer’s home. Brady also recently got kicked out of a park in Tampa while he was working out.

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Today’s NFL Rumors & News: 
- Dolphins passing on Tua?
- Dolphins want #1 pick?
- Falcons trading up for Chase Young?
- Trent Williams trade?
- Patriots sign Marqise Lee
- Tom Brady news

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