Is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady declining?

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady celebrated his 41st birthday in early August. Despite being in his 40s, Brady is still one of the NFL’s top signal callers, if not the best. Despite being great under center, Brady continues to be the target of haters and sports pundits who want to make a name for themselves by calling him out. Brady remains the greatest quarterback of all-time. But many do wonder if the five-time Super Bowl champion is declining? The official Gambino website gives NFL fans the chance to follow and wager on the Patriots all season long. You can join Gambino and play slot machines free to your heart’s content while following the website’s great sportsbook. 

Is New England Patriots quarterbacking Tom Brady declining?

Passing yards
Brady’s right arm has a lot of miles on it. Yet, the former sixth round draft pick is still tossing the ball like he is a teenager. Brady threw for 4,577 yards in 2017 as he led the Patriots to another AFC Championship. The quarterback’s yards total was the best in the entire NFL. It was the first time in 10 seasons he topped the league. If pundits claiming Brady is declining are right, then there would be no conceivable way the veteran quarterback would be out-passing players half his age. 

Brady’s 2017 touchdown pass total increased from the previous season. The Patriots quarterback threw 32 touchdowns (four more than in 2016). The total was good for third in the NFL. Once again, there is little evidence to show Brady is declining as a quarterback compared to the rest of the NFL. Only the Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson (34) and Philadelphia Eagles' Carson Wentz (33) tossed more touchdowns.

Down field passing
If you believe Brady’s arm is shot (and why would you as he led the league in passing yards) then consider he threw 62 passes for 20 or more yards in 2017. The figure was good for second in the NFL for quarterbacks throwing passes for 20 or more yards. In addition, Brady averaged just under eight yards per pass attempt. 

The four-time Super Bowl MVP continues to be the Patriots on-field leader. Once Brady does retire, NFL fans will get to see if New England’s success has been due to the quarterback’s play or head coach Bill Belichick’s offensive system. Since Brady joined the Patriots in 2000, the team has won eight AFC Championships. The team has played in the last seven AFC Championship Games and with Brady as quarterback, New England are a lock to make the conference’s showpiece game each season. Four of those seven AFC title games have seen the Pats win.

Brady has been remarkably healthy during his NFL career. The quarterback missed 15 games in 2008 due to injury and four games in 2016. Overall, Brady has been rock solid and able to return from minor injuries during his storied career. In 14 seasons of his 18-year career, Brady has played in all 16 regular season games. Last year, Brady once again started all 16 regular season games under centre while posting a 13-3 record. Brady’s stats and continued performances show there is no decline in his play.

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