MUST SEE: NFL Legend Cris Carter Gives Rookies Some VERY Sketchy Advice

Given the NFL's recent run through the publicity grinder due to a myriad of off-the-field issues involving players and other league personnel, this next clip (clipped from a video posted on the official NFL website) may come off more than a little sketchy.

Speaking at last year's rookie symposium, Minnesota Vikings legend Cris Carter had this advice for the youth of the league upon their entrance to the NFL:

"Because all you guys aren’t going to do the right stuff. I need to teach to you how to get around all of this stuff too. If you have a crew, one of them fools need to know that they’re going to jail.

"I know a lot of you aren’t going to drink, I know a lot of you aren’t going to use drugs but still get yourself a fall guy.”

You can view the video of Carter's words of wisdom above. 

(Note: The full video (approved and uploaded by the NFL) was originally posted at this link. Hours after this article was published, the NFL pulled the video from its website.)



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