The Latest NFL Rumors On Reggie Nelson, Colin Kaepernick Trade, Cowboys Moving Up For Carson Wentz And More

NFL free agency is still active, although most of the big names are off the market. However, there are several quality players left on the market that could turn out to be bargains for teams, and several players who could be traded. With the NFL Draft less than a month away, there will continue to be plenty of NFL free agency and NFL Draft rumors, news and speculation in the coming days. Check out the latest and greatest of those offseason rumors below. 

Raiders, Aldon Smith Close To Deal
The Oakland Raiders are close to a deal to bring back OLB Aldon Smith.

Smith will be suspended for until at least Nov. 17, 2016. He was hit with a one-year suspension last season and can't apply for reinstatement until then. Smith played well for the Raiders before the suspension. No word yet on the nature of the contract.

Reggie Nelson Visiting Oakland
The Raiders are also bringing in safety Reggie Nelson for a visit. 

Nelson is the top safety left on the market and is coming off an eight interception season. However, he'll also turn 33 this season. His age is likely why he has yet to land a contract with a team. 

Colin Kaepernick Trade Not Happening?
The 49ers and Broncos might not be able to complete a trade for QB Colin Kaepernick, according to one report. 

The Broncos wanted Kaepernick to take a $4.9 million pay cut this year, or for the 49ers to pick the tab. Neither side was willing to do so. Until Kaepernick or the 49ers budge (or the Broncos up the draft pick compensation), it sounds like a deal won't happen. Ian Rapoport says the 49ers refusing to kick in money means there is no trade on the horizon.

Cowboys Trading Up?
The Dallas Cowboys are looking into QBs in this year's draft and that includes the possibility of moving up in the draft to land Carson Wentz. 

The Cowboys got an up-close look at Wentz at the Senior Bowl, where he was sharp. The cost to move up for Wentz would be expensive, but it would give the Cowboys a franchise QB to groom behind Tony Romo. And while the Cowboys are likely to take a QB at some point, exploring the possibility of moving up for Wentz doesn't mean they actually will. Allbright reports the team is also looking at Connor Cook and Jacoby Brissett

Muhammad Wilkerson On The Trade Block?
The Jets used the franchise tag on Muhammad Wilkerson this offseason, but he might not be with the Jets for very long. There's a report from Aaron Leming that the Bears have checked in with the Jets about a trade for Wilkerson more than once. The Raiders are also reportedly interested in Wilkerson

As for what it would cost to land Wilkerson, there's some disagreement over that.'s Peter King thinks it will take at least a first round pick, while speculates a second rounder and fourth rounder could be enough to get a deal done. If a team trades for Wilkerson, they'd need to offer him a contract that approaches the one J.J. Watt signed, and possibly even larger. 

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