The Latest NFL Rumors And News On Dwight Freeney, Jalen Ramsey And Tyler Eifert Injuries And More

The NFL rumor mill isn't quite as active as it was earlier this year, as the draft is over and there are only a handful of notable free agents left. However, there are still plenty of rumors and news floating around the league. We have the latest and greatest of those NFL rumors below. 

Dwight Freeney Getting A Work Out With The Bengals
Freeney played in only 11 games last year for the Arizona Cardinals, but still posted eight sacks. At age 36, Freeney has said he still wants to play, although he has yet to find a team. However, ESPN reports the Bengals will work out Freeney. A 3-4 OLB by trade, Freeney could likely become a 4-3 OLB if he signs with the Bengals. He'd play in their sub packages as a pass rushing LB, much like James Harrison did when he was briefly with the Bengals. However, Harrison struggled in the role. 

Tyler Eifert Needs Ankle Surgery 
Speaking of the Bengals, here's some bad news. TE Tyler Eifert injured his ankle in the Pro Bowl after a breakout season, with the initial view being that Eifert wouldn't need surgery. But Eifert's ankle has not recovered as quickly as hoped, and the Cincinnati Enquirer reports Eifert will need surgery. While it's a "minimal procedure," Efiert is expected to miss three months. The Bengals start training camp in late July, meaning Eifert likely won't be ready in time. He might even miss the start of the season

Jalen Ramsey Surgery
The Jacksonville Jaguars' first round pick will indeed need surgery to repair a torn meniscus. 

It's not all bad for Ramsey, as he'll miss just six weeks with the injury. While he'll miss some practice time, it's much better than the potential four months he could have missed. 

Le'Veon Bell Healthy Soon?
Steelers star RB Le'Veon Bell missed much of last season with knee injuries, but it appears his recovery is going well. 

Bell tore his MCL last season, but said he thinks he'll be better than ever this year. When healthy, he's among the best backs in the NFL. 

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