The Latest NFL Free Agency Rumors And News On Tray Walker, Kirk Cousins Contract And More

NFL free agency is here and the first week is over. Free agency officially started 4 p.m. ET last Wednesday, and a flurry of moves came before and after the official start. While most of the big name players are already off the market, a few talented players have yet to sign. Although the initial wave is completed, the next few days should continue to contain a litany of rumors and news. Check out the latest and greatest of those NFL free agency rumors and news below. 


Tray Walker has died. He was pronunced dead at 5 p.m. Friday, acording to his agent.

Ravens CB "Fighting For His Life"
We start with some tragic news, as Baltimore Ravens CB Tray Walker is fighting for his life following a dirt bike accident in Miami Thursday night. Walker is in critical condition, according to his agent.

"It’s a bad situation," Walker’s agent, Ronald Butler, told the Baltimore Sun. "I’m going to be honest. We’re praying that he’s able to fight through it ... He has some head injuries. He’s fighting for his life right now. That’s really the most I can say."

Walker was a fourth round pick last season, who played little last season. He was viewed as a developmental player. 

The driver of the car Walker collided with was not hurt and remained at the scene. Police are investigating the crash. 

Kirk Cousins Contract Negotiations Back On?
The Washington Redskins have already signed QB Kirk Cousins to the franchise tag, but it looks like contract negotiations are back on, following reports that they'd been suspended. The Redskins have until July 15 to reach a long-term deal, and Cousins told ESPN deals are still ongoing. 

"Discussions are always ongoing," Cousins said. "You’re never really finished. It’s a process and I think much like the process of preparing for a football game, you’re not ready to play the game on Wednesday; you prepare to get ready for Sunday. I think negotiations often work that way. You know that maybe it’s not Sunday yet, it’s Wednesday in this negotiation, and we’re just taking steps toward what will eventually be Sunday. So we’ll see. Obviously it gets more interesting as it gets closer to ‘game day,’ if you will ... But I’m not too worried about it. I’m very content in the situation I’m in and love the opportunity to prove myself again next season."

Cousins will make a cool $19.9 million this season, so he's surely comfortable playing out this season. If Cousins plays well again, he'll be in position for a pricy long-term deal next year. 

Lions Getting A Visit From Jordan Norwood
The Detroit Lions will have WR Jordan Norwood in for a visit today. 

Norwood saw the field occasionally, catching 22 passes. He offers added value as a return man and holds the NFL record for longest pun return in a Super Bowl. Norwood would likely be a backup WR/return man for the Lions. 

Alfred Morris Visiting Cowboys
The Cowboys have had some interest in RBs this offseason, including Alfred Morris. They'll be getting a visit from a former division rival soon. 

Morris is coming off a rough season, but has proven himself as a 1,000 yard rusher. He'd likely be cheap and would be a good fit behind the Cowboys' offensive line. Morris would provide insurance in the event Darren McFadden goes down and should be able to contribute right away. 

Steelers Looking At LBs?
The Steelers lost backup LBs Terence Garvin and Sean Spence to the Redskins and Titans this week. With those losses, the Steelers are looking at both Spencer Paysinger and Mike Morgan, reports Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. Both players profile as backup LBs and special teams contributors. 

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