The Latest NFL Free Agency Rumors And News On A Kaepernick Trade, Broncos Interest In Fitzpatrick And More

NFL free agency is here. Free agency started 4 p.m. ET Wednesday, and a flurry of moves came before and after the official start. While many of the big name players are already off the market, several talented players have yet to sign. Although the initial wave is completed, the next few days should continue to contain a flurry of rumors and news. Check out the latest and greatest of those NFL free agency rumors and news below. 

Colin Kaepernick Update
The Colin Kaepernick trade remains at an impasse. With a helping hand from the Sacramento Bee, we're here to detail what's going on between Kaepernick, the Browns, Broncos and 49ers. Cleveland is offering its third round pick for Kaepernick, who wants to play for head coach Hue Jackson. However, the Browns want Kaepernick to restructure his deal, and he's hesitant to do that for Cleveland.

As for Denver, the Broncos are offering their own third round pick, which is much lower than Cleveland's. The 49ers want Denver's second rounder, since it's only two spots higher. Kaepernick would likely accept a lesser contract from the Broncos because of the team's talent. Kaepernick is more willing to take a lesser deal with the Broncos because he's more confident in the team's ability to win. 

Finally, the 49ers are willing to keep Kaepernick and play him next season. On April 1st, his $11.9 million base salary becomes fully guaranteed. If he's not moved by then, Kaepernick will be on the 49ers' roster next year. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick And Denver
The Broncos have interest in Fitzpatrick, but he's reportedly asking for too much. 

This report seems to match a previous one that Fitzpatrick and his agent, Jimmy Sexton, overplayed their hands. Fitzpatrick appears to be asking for more than NFL teams are willing to give him. While Fitzpatrick is coming off a strong season, he's a 33-year-old QB who only won the Jets' starting job last season because Geno Smith's jaw was broken. 

Mike Wallace Visits
WR Mike Wallace remains a free agent, and he's drawing interest. 

The Ravens aren't the only team interested in Wallace, as returning to Minnesota is still an option. Wallace is a burner and 29 years old, meaning he only has a few more years in which he can take home a big pay day. 

Steelers Meeting With Tackles
The Steelers are in need of offensive tackle help, in the event Kelvin Beachum leaves. That's why they're meeting with a few possible options. 

Harris and Hairston are coming off down seasons, although Harris' play picked up late. Both should be fairly cheap options for the Steelers. 

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