The Latest NFL Free Agency Rumors And News On Eric Weddle, Colin Kaepernick And More

NFL free agency is here and the first week, if we including the legal tampering days, is over. Free agency officially started 4 p.m. ET Wednesday, and a flurry of moves came before and after the official start. While many of the big name players are already off the market, several talented players have yet to sign. Although the initial wave is completed, the next few days should continue to contain a litany of rumors and news. Check out the latest and greatest of those NFL free agency rumors and news below. 

Updated 1:55 p.m. ET

B.J. Raji Retires
Green Bay Packers DT B.J. Raji is ending his career.

Raji is just 29 years old. Although he's struggled in recent seasons, he likely could have played this year. 

Weddle Joins Ravens
As you can see below, Weddle had narrowed his possible teams down. Now, it appears he's chosen the Baltimore Ravens as his new team.

Eric Weddle Update
The former San Diego Chargers safety is arguably the top player left on the market, and he's getting closer to deciding where he'll sign. 

The four teams are rumored to be the Cowboys, Raiders, Ravens and Steelers. However, there's also a report that the Patriots are in the mix, although there is a contradictory one. The Patriots seem a bit unlikely, as Weddle would only be a depth signing. The Raiders have the most money to give to Weddle, but the Steelers might be the closest to winning a Super Bowl. It's not a stretch to think all of the teams mentioned above could be in the playoffs next season. 

Colin Kaepernick Situation
The trade situation surrounding Colin Kaepernick remains at a deadlock.

Denver doesn't have a fourth round pick, but they are telling the 49ers that's what Kaepernick is worth. Denver's third is essentially the same as Cleveland's third. Kaepernick and the Broncos were closer to an agreement on a restructured contract, but the 49ers want more from Denver in a trade. The Browns and Kaepernick remain far apart on a new contract. Until one of the sides involved budges, a trade isn't going to happen. 

Nose Guard Visiting Jets
The New York Jets are getting a visit from a former Pittsburgh Steeler nose tackle.

The Jets lost Damon Harrison to the Giants this offseason. McLendon would be a much cheaper option for New York. 

Chris Long Visits
Former St. Louis Rams DE Chris Long has a few more visits lined up. 

Rapoport doesn't say who the other two teams are, but it's clear there is interest in Long. He'd be a situational DE for both the Cowboys and Patriots, providing veteran leadership. 

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