The Latest NFL Free Agency Rumors And News On Colin Kaepernick Trade, Ryan Fitzpatrick And More

NFL free agency is here. Free agency started 4 p.m. ET Wednesday, and a flurry of moves came before and after the official start. While many of the big name players are already off the market, several talented players have yet to sign. The new few days should continue to contain a flurry of rumors and news. Check out the latest and greatest of those NFL free agency rumors and news below. 

Update: 5:15 p.m. ET

Pair Of CBs Sign, Ayers To Bucs
These three moves all came within a short span of each other, so we're grouping them together. The Cowboys re-signed Morris Claiborne to a one-year, $3 million deal and the Jaguars signed CB Prince Amukamara tn a one-year deal. Finally, the Bucs landed DE Robert Ayers on three-year, $21 million deal. 

RGIII Will Visit Jets
The Jets haven't signed Ryan Fitzpatrick yet, and they'll now bringing in Robert Griffin III for a visit. 

Griffin will draw interest this offseason, and the Jets are looking at him as a possible backup

Sanchez Traded
The Eagles are sending QB Mark Sanchez to the Broncos. The Eagles are getting a conditional 2017 pick in return. 

Bucs Sign Brent Grimes
The Buccaneers have signed CB Brent Grimes. It's a two-year, $16.5 million deal

Colin Kaepernick Trade Update
It seems likely that the San Francisco 49ers will trade QB Colin Kaepernick in the near future. But the landing spot and compensation remain up in the air. Kaepernick, reportedly, wants to play for the Browns. 

The 49ers are also talking with the Denver Broncos, who need a replacement for Brock Osweiler. While Kaepernick might want to play in Cleveland, the 49ers will ultimately make the call on where he goes.

Where Will Ryan Fitzpatrick Go?
Many assumed that Ryan Fitzpatrick would end up with the New York Jets, but he remains a free agent. 

Fitzpatrick could be using the Broncos as leverage, in the same way the Jets could be using trade talks with the 49ers. Fitzpatrick is a veteran and this is likely his last chance to get a decent-sized contract. 

Russell Okung And 49ers?
The 49ers need offensive line help and they are now in on the race to sign Russell Okung. 

Okung is representing himself in his contract negotiations, and that might be hurting him. Okung is a talented tackle, but is also injury-prone.  

Browns Cut Johnny Manziel 
It's not a surprise, but the Browns have cut QB Johnny Manziel.

Cleveland was holding out hope that some team would make a surprise offer for Manziel, allowing them to get a draft pick in a trade. But given Manziel's lackluster player, poor focus and off-the-field issues, that was never going to happen.

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