The Latest NFL Draft Rumors And News On Joey Bosa And Ezekiel Elliott Concerns, Titans Trading Down And More

While NFL free agency is still going on, most of the big players are off the market. Teams and fans have begun to focus more attention on the 2016 NFL Draft, and there will be plenty of NFL Draft rumors, news and speculation in the coming days. Check out the latest and greatest of those draft rumors below. 

Joey Bosa And Ezekiel Elliott Character Concerns?
Before we get to far, this is firmly in the rumor category, and everything that follows comes from a singular report. Charlie Campbell of is reporting that NFL teams have "hard-party drug concerns" with DE Joey Bosa and RB Ezekiel Elliott. 

At the senior bowl, former OSU DE Noah Spence said that he wasn't the only Ohio State player using ecstasy at Ohio State. According to Campbell, multiple teams believe Bosa and Elliott were those players. Bosa was suspended a game in his senior season at Ohio State for refusing to take a drug test. Bosa told teams that he was going to test positive to Adderall because he has ADD/ADHD. He doesn't have a prescription for the drug and teams believe that Bosa was going to test positive for ecstasy. Bosa said he likes going to raves for the music, which teams found suspicious. 

Bosa was a roommate of Elliott at Ohio State, but Bosa moved out because Elliott threw too many parties. Elliott didn't interview well at the combine, with teams suspecting he's a partier. 

Finally, Campbell reports that neither Bosa nor Elliott should see their stock fall because of the partying concerns. Bosa should be gone in the Top 10, and Elliott in the Top 20. 

Cardale Jones A Second Rounder? 
Now, for some good news for Ohio State fans. Daniel Jeremiah of believes Ohio State QB Cardale Jones could go as early as Round 2. 

"I think a lot of people say fourth round, maybe a little later, he got benched this season, I'm going to put him in the second round," Jeremiah said. "It might be the bottom of the second round, but there's going to be a quarterback coach (or) an offensive coordinator who is going to go to the GM and say, 'This guy has such rare physical tools, give me some time to work with him, I will get it out of him.'"

Jones is projected by most to be a Day 3 pick, but he showed promise and talent in Ohio State's national title run in 2014. The upside is there for Jones, who has great size and arm strength. 

Titans Want A "King's Ransom" For No. 1 Pick?
This shouldn't be much of a surprise, but the Tennessee Titans want a "King's Ransom" for the No. 1 overall pick. 

"There is a group of players that are at the top of the draft, that, you don't want to move back too far cause you can miss out on one of those guys, and if you do move back that far you want to make sure that you have a king's ransom, for lack of a better term, to move that far," GM Jon Robinson told ESPN. "I would say that for us to move out of that pick, it's going to take a substantial amount of picks to do that."

The Titans aren't likely to get that type of trade, unless a team really falls in love with either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz. OT Laremy Tunsil is the most mocked player to the Titans thus far, but DE Joey Bosa and DB Jalen Ramsey are in play as well. 

Bills Like Kevin Hogan?
The Buffalo Bills seem likely to take a QB in the draft this year to serve as the team's future backup. Tony Pauline reports that the team likes Stanford QB Kevin Hogan. Pauline reports that Hogan's motion is more compact and GM Doug Whaley was at Stanford's Pro Day. 

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