Kenny Vaccaro: 5 NFL Teams That Could Sign Him In Free Agency

Kenny Vaccaro is one of the top NFL free agents left and he won't be back with the New Orleans Saints next year. So which teams could sign Vaccaro and add a starting-caliber safety? Host Tom Downey breaks down the five most likely teams that could sign Kenny Vaccaro.

The NFL safety market has been slow to materialize, which is partially why Vaccaro is not signed yet. While not every NFL team needs a safety, Vaccaro should draw a significant amount of interest. He's a good and versatile safety that should start for whichever team signs him.

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The top 5 teams that could sign Vaccaro are detailed below.

#5. Indianapolis Colts
#4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
#3. Carolina Panthers
#2. Pittsburgh Steelers
#1. Dallas Cowboys

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