NFL Trade Rumors: Jalen Ramsey Trade? Melvin Gordon? 49ers Trading For Emmanuel Sanders? I Mailbag

Jalen Ramsey has been the hottest name on the NFL trade market for the past few weeks. With the 2019 NFL trade deadline just around the corner, October 29th, what teams are still in the running for the Jags cornerback? The Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles are among the teams interested but haven’t made any progress. Is Jacksonville messing up by not trading Jalen Ramsey sooner than now? NFL Daily hosts Mitchell Renz and Tom Downey are talking all things NFL trade market, targets, trade deadline and more. 

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IN THE VIDEO ABOVE AND BELOW, Trade rumors are building around the Broncos and Emmanuel Sanders. Back in February, the San Francisco 49ers were rumored to be interested in acquiring Sanders and with Bradley Cubb out of the season it begs the question, could Sanders’ time in Mile High be coming to an end? The Denver Broncos sit at 0-4 this season, so they could trade away players like Emmanuel Sanders, Chris Harris, Philip Lindsay and even Von Miller to embrace the tank. By bottoming out this season, the Broncos set themselves up be very busy before the trade deadline securing draft picks for next year and sending their top-talent packing. 

Here’s the full list of NFL Trade Mailbag questions:
- Lions Trade?
- Broncos Trading Emmanuel Sanders?
- Jags Messing Up By Not Trading Ramsey? 
- Cowboys Trading Dak?
- Jags Moving Gardner Minshew Or Nick Foles?
- Raiders Trading For Ramsey Or WR?
- Melvin Gordon Trade?
- Dolphins Trades?
- Wayne Gallman Trade?
- Raiders Getting A WR?
- Broncos Tanking & Trading Philip Lindsay?
- Jalen Ramsey To Eagles?
- Niners Trades?
- Cowboys Trading Up In Draft For Grant Delpit?
- Raiders Trading For A LB?

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