Jadeveon Clowney To The Titans? Jamal Adams Trade? Lions & Giants Trading Down In 2020 NFL Draft? | NFL Rumors

NFL Rumors center on the latest around the NFL Draft and possible trades, plus an update on Jadeveon Clowney. There are draft trade rumors around the Browns, Lions and Giants and of course the big one for Jamal Adams. AJ Terrell is apparently moving up in the draft process and there’s an update on Jadeveon Clowney and the Titans

Jadeveon Clowney remains the #1 free agent in NFL Free Agency. The Titans still have interest, but there doesn’t appear to be anything urgent. NFL news also includes Jamal Adams. He won’t be reporting to the voluntary off-season program, which has led to another round of trade rumors.

NFL Draft rumors are heating up with the draft less than a week away. There are trade rumors around the Giants and Lions, as both teams confirmed they are opening to trading down. The Cleveland Browns could also trade down and take OT Ezra Cleveland. And there’s growing reports that Clemson CB AJ Terrell could go much earlier than previously thought in the NFL Draft.

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Here’s the full list of NFL rumors discussed:
- Jamal Adams Trade?
- Jadeveon Clowney To Titans?
- Ezra Cleveland and Browns?
- Jets Going Offensive Line?
- Lions trading down?
- Giants trading down?
- AJ Terrell In Round 1?

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