Here Are The Top 5 Quarterbacks If You Started An NFL Franchise Today

So this is an interesting question due to all the amazing young quarterbacks that are in the NFL right now. The idea behind this article is if I was starting an NFL franchise TODAY, who would be my quarterback. For me, I am looking for a young quarterback who I can have another 10 years at least. 

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This Twitter question above is the reason for me getting the ideas to write the article so please share your thoughts with me on Twitter @MitchellRenz365. For me, I went long-term view when thinking about what quarterback I would want on my team.

5.) Aaron Rodgers
Age 33 - Green Bay Packers
Wait Rodgers is 33 and made the list? Yea because he is the best quarterback in the NFL and I will take another eight years of Aaron Rodgers over any quarterback who didn't make the list for the next 10 years. Rodgers, in my opinion, is the most physically gifted quarterback of all time. Yep, I said it @MitchellRenz365 me if you disagree.

4.) Russell Wilson 
Age 28 - Seattle Seahawks
Wilson isn't as young as the three players below but he is a top-five quarterback in the NFL right now and I expect him to play at a high level for the next 10 years. Sure he may lose some of his mobility the older he gets but he has shown the growth throughout his career becoming a better passer. Wilson is the perfect player type to build a team around. A true competitor. 

3.)  Dak Prescott
Age 24 - Dallas Cowboys
Coming into the season I said Dak Prescott was overrated. This is me voicing a public apology to Dak Prescott because this guy is the truth. He may not light up the stat sheet like some other quarterbacks do but he is in total control of the Cowboys offense. He is a field general and wise beyond his years. At such a young age he will be my franchise quarterback for the next 15 years.

2.) Andrew Luck
Age 28 - Indianapolis Colts
Please give me Andrew Luck. For everyone who thinks he isn't good, please send him my way. I will build a wall around him of offensive lineman and then give him decent options to throw to. Luck can do it all and it pains me that he isn't healthy this season because the Colts have totally wasted away the best quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning. Andrew Luck truly is elite and look how bad the Colts are without him.

1.) Carson Wentz
Age 24 - Philadelphia Eagles
What more does Carson Wentz have to do this season to prove that he is the front-runner for NFL MVP? He leads the NFL in passing touchdowns with 17, 3rd in the NFL in rushing yards among quarterbacks. He has every quality you look for in a franchise quarterback on and off the field. Carson Wentz will be the next Aaron Rodgers. There finally got that off my chest.

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