Here Are 5 Teams Teddy Bridgewater Could Sign With This Offseason

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is unlikely to get the franchise tag from the Minnesota Vikings, so what's next for the former first-round pick?

Host Cam Rogers breaks down the top potential landing spots for Bridgewater - counting you down from #5-#1. Cam argues it's fairly surprising the Vikings aren't bringing back Bridgewater at least on a short-term deal considering the Vikings invested a high draft pick in him. Rumors suggest Minnesota will be in the hunt for Kirk Cousins. With Bridgewater testing the open market, where could he go?

Cam discusses the teams all in this segment in the video above or below.

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Here's a look at Cam's full list:

#5 Denver Broncos
#4 Arizona Cardinals
#3 Cleveland Browns
#2 Buffalo Bills
#1 New York Jets

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