Here Are The 5 Teams That Are The Most Likely To Sign Drew Brees This Offseason

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is set to be a free agent this offseason but is there any way he could leave the Saints? Drew Brees has said that he plans to stay with the team for which he has played for 12 years. The Saints, however, have said nothing about the process for signing Brees to a new contract.

Given the situation, NFL Daily hosts Tom Downey and Cam Rogers take an in-depth look at the five teams most likely to sign Drew Brees this offseason.

Surely, it would take a lot more than the Saints would offer to get Brees to leave, but there are a few dark horse teams that might make a move for the 39-year-old quarterback.

Could John Elway and the Denver Broncos, who are in desperate need of a signal-caller, make a sweet enough deal for Drew Brees to leave his current team? Or could a young team with a lot of cap room, such as the Cleveland Browns, be a contender? And what about a team like the Arizona Cardinals, who seem to be a good quarterback away from making a run at the Super Bowl?

The video above (and shown below) is from NFL Daily, a Facebook Live show. All of these videos can be found on NFL Daily on YouTube.

Here are the teams expected to pursue Brees:

5) Arizona Cardinals
4) Cleveland Browns
3) Minnesota Vikings
2) Denver Broncos
1) New Orleans Saints

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