Here Are 5 Potential NFC West Salary Cap Cuts

The NFL season is coming to a head this weekend with both Super Bowl bids on the line as the Philadelphia Eagles will host the Minnesota Vikings and the New England Patriots will host the Jacksonville Jaguars, but for teams in the NFC West, they are already looking towards the offseason and ways they could save cap space but cutting a few players.

What do the Rams do with the massive contract that Robert Quinn has? Should the Seahawks blow up the Legion of Boom in order to clear up cap space for their younger players and do the Cardinals need to blow up their offensive line and start over?

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Join the NFL Daily crew as they break down the futures of these players and more in the video above or below!

5) Richard Sherman, CB, Seahawks
4) Kam Chancellor, SS, Seahawks
3) Jimmie Ward, S, 49ers
2) Robert Quinn, DE, Rams
1) Mike Iupati, OL, Cardinals

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