Here Are 5 Potential AFC North Salary Cap Cuts

The NFL season is coming to a head this weekend with both Super Bowl bids on the line as the Philadelphia Eagles will host the Minnesota Vikings and the New England Patriots will host the Jacksonville Jaguars, but for teams in the AFC North, they are already looking towards the offseason and ways they could save cap space but cutting a few players.

Two Baltimore Ravens in Danny Woodhead and Jeremy Maclin figure to be on the chopping block. Woodhead didn't see much of the field, while Maclin was never on the same page with Joe Flacco. With the Ravens having some of the tightest cap space in the league, they're likely to release these two players.

Despite a great season from Joe Haden, the Steelers may struggle to keep him due to the price tag. Haden is due $9 million in base salary next season, and the Steelers can save roughly $8 million in cap space if they release him before June 1st.

The Bengals may have a decision to make with Dre Kirkpatrick - if not this season than the next one. Kirkpatrick had a disappointing season for Marvin Lewis, and he hasn't fulfilled the price of his contract yet.

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5) Jeremy Maclin, WR, Ravens
4) Joe Haden, CB, Steelers
3) Dre Kirkpatrick, WR, Bengals
2) Danny Woodhead, WR, Ravens
1) Brandon LaFell, WR, Bengals

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