Grades For The Eagles And Titans In The Dorial Green-Beckham Trade

The Philadelphia Eagles have landed WR Dorial Green-Beckham from the Tennessee Titans in exchange for OL Dennis Kelly, in a completely unexpected move. Now that the details of the first major post-draft trade are know, it's time to grade the Eagles-Titans trade. The immediate reaction was one of confusion and while it's starting to become more clear why the Titans bailed on Green-Beckham, that doesn't mean the trade was a good one. 

Eagles Get: WR Dorial Green-Beckham
Titans Get: OL Dennis Kelly

Titans Grade: D
Green-Beckham was a second round pick just over a year ago, and that the Titans are already trading him is a clear indication of just how done they were with DGB. The team was reportedly fed up with his focus and motivation, he'd been demoted on the depth chart, and apparently didn't know the playbook with the Titans. He also had issues at Missouri, which included marijuana arrests and one for pushing a woman down a flight of stairs. Add all this up and the phrase "locker room cancer" and "diva" start coming into the picture. So while it does make some sense that the Titans would want to move on from Dorial Green-Beckham, it's admitting to wasting a second round pick. While the Titans aren't falling for sunk cost fallacy, they didn't get anything for DGB because Dennis Kelly is a replacement-level backup at best. 

You'll have to excuse the terrible quality on this video, but it sums up why Kelly is not a viable option. He's a sieve at tackle and while he's a bit better at guard, he's not a starting caliber option. Here's another way to look at this trade: The Titans traded a potential No. 1 wide out for a mediocre, backup lineman. The Titans don't get a failing grade because of the issues with Green-Beckham, but this isn't a very good trade. 

Eagles Grade: A
The Eagles current wide receiver options are as follows: Jordan Matthews (hurt), Nelson Agholor (struggling to adjust to NFL), Rueben Randle (is Rueben Randle), Josh Huff (backup from Chip Kelly Era), Chris Givens (bad with the Rams) and then a bunch of guys you've probably never heard of. So the Eagles needed wide out help and they got it by sending away a backup lineman. Yes, there are the previously mentioned issues with Green-Beckham, but he has the potential to be the type of wide out the Eagles have lacked in recent years. He has great size and speed and if the Eagles can get him to commit and focus, he could be great. It's a low-risk, high-reward move, considering what the Eagles gave up.  

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