Former NBA Guard Nate Robinson Wants To Play In The NFL

Nate Robinson spent 11 years in the NBA as guard. He won the slam dunk contest three times, but hasn't played in the NBA since he was cut by the New Orleans Pelicans in October 2015. Now, Robinson wants to do something no one has done: play in both the NBA and NFL

In a video posted on The Lead Sports, Robinson says he believes he can make it in the NFL and is going to attempt to switch sports. The video, which is embedded below, features Robinson, NBA player Glen Davis, NFL player Marcedes Lewis and former Washington Huskies head coach Rick Neuheisel. All four say if anyone can make the switch, it's "Nate the Great." 

Robinson hasn't played football since his sophomore year of college. He actually joined the Washington Huskies on a football scholarship before focusing on basketball. Robinson has said in the past that he believes he would have been one of the best corners NFL history had he stuck with football. Now, Robinson is going to try to make it the NFL as a cornerback. Check out the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app for more NFL coverage. 

There's no doubting Robinson's athletic ability, evidenced by his three slam dunk contest titles. He also picked off two passes in 13 games at Washington and contributed on returns. However, it's unclear if any NFL team would be willing to sign a 5-foot-9, 32-year old corner who hasn't played a down of football since 2002. 

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