Dez Bryant Rumors: Top 10 NFL Teams The Free Agent WR Could Play For In 2020

Dez Bryant rumors have never stopped circulating since his last catch in a football game which was December 31st, 2017 with the Dallas Cowboys. There have been plenty of NFL rumors on where he could play in 2020. Bryant tore his Achilles before the start of 2018 with the New Orleans Saints and now the recent news around Dez is he will start contacting teams. Could Dez Bryant end up with the Houston Texans or New England Patriots?

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Dez Bryant is not the elite receiver he once was but there is no doubt he could contribute to an offense. So, NFL Daily host Mitchell Renz breaks down 10 potential teams that could sign Dez Bryant this offseason, including the Saints, Texans, Patriots, Bills, Packers, Raiders, Eagles, Ravens, Panthers, and 49ers. Where do you think Dez Bryant will play in 2020? Let us know by commenting on the VIDEO ABOVE AND BELOW.

Here are the top destinations for Dez Bryant: 
New Orleans Saints
Houston Texans
New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills
Green Bay Packers
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles
Baltimore Ravens
Carolina Panthers
San Francisco 49ers

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