Dez Bryant: Betting Odds On What NFL Team Will Sign Him This Offseason

Former Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant remains a free agent, amid conflicting reports about the level of interest NFL teams have in Bryant. Vegas has just put out updating betting odds on where Bryant will sign, so we’re taking a look at the likelihood of each NFL team signing Dez Bryant that’s listed. 

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16 teams in total have betting odds and there are a few surprises, including near the top of the list. Some of the teams make sense, but there are a few that are true head-scratchers.  

The video above (and shown below) is from NFL Daily, a Facebook Live show. All of these videos can be found on NFL Daily on Youtube.

Here’s the complete list of teams in order, with their odds as well:
The Field - 30:1 Odds 
T-15: Philadelphia Eagles - 18:1 odds 
T-15: Carolina Panthers - 18:1 odds  
#14: Denver Broncos - 15:1 odds 
#13: Jacksonville Jaguars - 13:1 odds 
#12: Arizona Cardinals - 12:1 odds 
#11: Oakland Raiders - 12:1 odds 
T-9: Seattle Seahawks - 10:1 odds 
T-9: Miami Dolphins - 10:1 odds 
#8: New England Patriots - 9:1 odds 
#7: Buffalo Bills - 15:2 odds 
#6: San Francisco 49ers - 6:1 odds
#5: Washington Redskins - 5:1 odds 
#4: Green Bay Packers - 4:1 odds 
#3: New York Giants - 3:1 odds 
#2: Houston Texans - 2:1 odds 
#1: Tennessee Titans - 1:2 odds

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