8 Best QBs In The NFL In 2015

Finding an above average NFL quarterback is not easy. Finding a great NFL QB is even harder. Several QBs are worthy of Top 10 consideration, but any list is going to cut off good QBs. With that in mind, here are the Top 8 QBs in the NFL this season. 

Notable omissions: 

Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, Ryan Tannehill, Philip Rivers, Joe Flacco and Eli Manning were all considered for the list. They're all great QBs and will appear on plenty Top 10 lists this year. Newton and Tannehill might very well make this list next year. Rivers just barely missed out. The same goes for Peyton Manning, although I believe he's starting to decline. This might be his last season. Flacco and Eli Manning are great in the postseason, but a too inconsistent during the regular season.

8. Tony Romo

The whole 'Romo isn't clutch' narrative just isn't true. He gets more than his fair share of hate, which comes with being the Dallas Cowboys' starting QB. This might be his last season as a Top 8 QB since he's getting older, but Romo is one of the best QBs in the NFL right now. 

7. Drew Brees

Brees has been a Top 5 QB for much of his time in New Orleans, but he might decline this year. He's missing Jimmy Graham and the Saints could try to run the ball more this season. With his massive contract and cap hit, the Saints could attempt to trade him after this season. 

6. Russell Wilson

The Seahawks have a great running game and a great defense. That makes things easier on Wilson, but take a look at his offensive line and wide receivers. Neither unit is great. Jimmy Graham will help things, but the offensive line is still going to struggle. Wilson got a big contract and he's worth every penny. If Seattle hadn't paid him, at least 10 other teams would have handed Wilson a blank check.

5. Matt Ryan 

With 10 wins in the last two years, Ryan probably doesn't immediately jump to mind when thinking of Top 5 QBs. Still, the Falcons' woes haven't been because of Ryan. The Falcons' offensive line hasn't been great and neither has the running game. The defense has been just awful. Ryan has carried the Falcons and with more help this season, he could have a big year. 

4. Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben had a monster season last year and shouldn't be slowing down anytime soon. The Steelers' offense picked up when Roethlisberger started running the no-huddle more. He's durable and almost impossible to bring down in the pocket. A strong argument can be made that he should be higher on this list. 

3. Tom Brady

One of the all-time greats, Brady is still a Top 3 QB in 2015. Brady doesn't look like a QB approaching 40, unlike Peyton Manning. Even if he misses the first four games, Brady could have a big season if he uses the "Deflategate" controversy as motivation. 

2. Andrew Luck

There aren't many QBs that do more for their team than Luck. His offensive line is awful and he's never had much of a running game. His weapons are solid, but Luck makes them look better than they are. Now that the Colts have added Frank Gore and Andre Johnson, Luck should improve on his numbers from last year. The biggest thing Luck needs to do in order to become the No. 1 QB in the future is to cut down on his interceptions. 

1. Aaron Rodgers

It's not even close. As good as Luck is, Rodgers is still the best in the league. He's everything you want in a franchise QB. Even without Jordy Nelson, Rodgers will have a massive season. 

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