AFC Playoff Picture: Updated Standings & Wild Card Race Entering Week 9 Of The 2019 NFL Season

NFL Playoff Picture for the AFC With Week 9 of the 2019 NFL Season is here. No one has been eliminated from the playoff picture yet, but there are AFC teams who are getting closer to clinching scenarios, led by the undefeated New England Patriots.

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The next best records behind Tom Brady & the Pats are the Indianapolis Colts with Jacoby Brissett, the Baltimore Ravens led by Lamar Jackson & Buffalo Bills all at 5-2. Patrick Mahomes & the Kansas City Chiefs lead the AFC West & the Houston Texans hold a wild card spot along with the Bills. What will the AFC playoff picture look like at the end of the season? Tom & Mitch give you a preview IN THE VIDEO ABOVE AND BELOW.

NFL Daily hosts Tom Downey & Mitchell Renz break down the updated NFL playoff picture while taking a look at some key games in NFL week 9, including the Patriots vs. Ravens & Texans vs. Jaguars. Plus, Tom & Mitch give their predictions for who will win the AFC South & AFC West! Teams like the Indianapolis Colts & Oakland Raiders have started well, but things get tougher the rest of the way

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