AFC Playoff Picture: AFC Standings & Seeding Scenarios Entering Week 17 of 2019 NFL Season

AFC Playoff Picture entering Week 17 of the 2019 NFL Season plus playoff clinching scenarios! Five spots are locked up as the Ravens have clinched the #1 overall seed in the AFC and the Patriots, Chiefs, Texans and Bills have all clinched playoff spots as well. The Titans, Steelers and Raiders are fighting for the #6 seed in the AFC. What are the seeding scenarios for every team in the AFC? Chat Sports host Harrison Graham breaks down the updated NFL Playoff Picture for the AFC!

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The Patriots and Chiefs are still jockeying for the #2 seed in the AFC. New England clinches it with a win or a Chiefs loss in Week 17. Kansas City will be the #2 seed with a win and a Patriots loss. The Texans clinched the AFC South in Week 16 and will either be the #3 or #4 seed. The Bills are the #5 seed no matter what happens this week. Tennessee will earn the #6 seed in the AFC with a win in Week 17 or a loss from the Steelers. Pittsburgh will be the #6 seed with a win and a Titans loss. The Oakland Raiders need to beat the Broncos and get tons of help to secure the final playoff spot in the AFC. Chat Sports host Harrison Graham breaks down the updated NFL Playoff Picture for the AFC IN THE VIDEO ABOVE AND BELOW!

Updated 2019 AFC Playoff Picture:
#1 Baltimore Ravens: 13-2
#2 New England Patriots: 12-3
#3 Kansas City Chiefs: 11-4
#4 Houston Texans: 10-5
#5 Buffalo Bills: 10-5-
#6 Tennessee Titans: 8-7
--Teams in the Hunt--
Pittsburgh Steelers: 8-7
Oakland Raiders: 7-8

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