Your Ultimate 2015 Super Bowl Drinking Game

First, a disclaimer:

Drinking way too much is extremely dumb. We realize the weirdness of saying that right before laying down the rules for a game that revolves around drinking, but it's the honest truth. The following game is no reason to end Super Bowl Sunday hugging your toilet or calling your ex in tears - that's no fun for anyone, and we'd feel very bad about it.

That's why we're including the following rule: if you can no longer walk around the room without swerving, you are sidelined until the 'referee' (appoint the most trustworthy and hopefully sober friend) is convinced you have passed the concussion protocol and lets you back on the field. Oh, and for the love of God, if you're playing this game, do NOT plan on driving home afterwards. 

Okay, now the ground rules....

You will need:

- 1 Television

- Beer (enough)

One 'drink' corresponds to one shot of beer. You can use a shot glass if you wanna be specific, but that isn't required. The 'referee' will be responsible for enforcing the rules, which are:


- Someone makes a bad joke about deflated footballs (the first three count, after that it becomes optional. We don't want any of you to die because Al Michaels thought he was being hilarious)

- Someone mentions Marshawn Lynch press conferences

- Tim Tebow shows up, for some reason (commercials count double)


- Richard Sherman & Erin Andrews 'flashback'



- Kate Upton shows up in a commercial for that mobile game you aren't going to play


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