You Gotta See How Johnny Manziel Is Taking Over Twitter With Each Passing Day

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There very well could be a major worldwide riot if the Browns sit Johnny Manziel for the entire 2014 NFL season.

With each passing day, Manziel's popularity is growing by leaps and evidenced by this tweet from Darren Rovell of

Despite passing outspoken Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman on the list, Manziel still has a way to go in order to crack the top-two:

However, this next tweet from SI's Peter King shows just how quickly Manziel may close that gap in followers as time goes on:

Manziel received almost five times as many Twitter mentions on draft day as the NBA and NHL Playoffs combined...and he was the 22nd overall pick.

It's Manziel's world now and we're just tweeting in it.



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