Why It's Time For Roger Goodell To Step Down As NFL Commissioner

On Monday morning, TMZ released a video of Ray Rice knocking out his girlfriend with a left hook. We'd seen the video of Rice dragging his

There are two ways this could have gone down:

- NFL investigators tried and failed to get access to a tape that TMZ obtained for $10,000

- The NFL did obtain the tape, and despite its contents, they decided a two-game suspension was an appropriate response

Both of these possibilities are revolting and unacceptable. The first speaks to a lack of urgency and seriousness in the NFL's investigation, which Goodell is personally accountable for. The second speaks to an entirely broken moral compass that makes Goodell an irresponsible choice to lead.


- Concussions

- Drug suspensions

The way the NFL treats recreational drug users is also reprehensible.

- Aiming at $25 billion national revenue

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