Week 6 NFL Experts' Picks Against The Spread

Last week did not go well for most of our experts. It is said that agreement among experts is usually a good thing, but that was not the case for our "experts." We went a disastrous 0-6 when we were all in agreement. Ouch. Brian and Zac put up clunkers, Tom was mediocre and Al was the only one to finish about .500.

Week 5 Results:

Tom: 7-8

Brian: 4-11

Al: 9-6

Zac: 5-10

Anyway, on to this week's games. All lines are courtesy of VegasInsider.com as of Wednesday, Oct. 8.

Thursday Night: Indianapolis (+2.5) at Houston

Tom Downey: Indianapolis

Brian Rauf: Indianapolis

Al King: Indianpolis

Zac Bellman: Indianapolis

Oh boy. Another consensus. Hopefully this week we get at least one unanimous decision correct. UPDATE: We got one right!

Denver (-8) at NY Jets

Tom: NY Jets

Brian: Denver

Al: Denver

Zac: Denver

Tom ruined the consensus, although he does think the Broncos still win. The line opened at -4.5 in favor of the Broncos, but has gone up to -9.5 as of Friday.

Pittsburgh (+2) at Cleveland:

Tom: Steelers

Brian: Browns

Al: Steelers

Zac: Steelers

Only Brian thinks the Browns can win and cover. The line opened at -1 in favor of the Browns.

Jacksonville (+6) at Tennessee:

Tom: Titans

Brian: Jaguars

Al: Jaguars

Zac: Titans

The line opened at -7 in favor of the Titans and we are split this week.

Chicago (+3) at Atlanta:

Tom: Bears

Brian: Bears

Al: Falcons

Zac: Falcons

Another 50-50 split in this matchup. The line opened at -3 in favor of the Falcons and stayed there.

Green Bay (-3) at Miami:

Tom: Green Bay

Brian: Green Bay

Al: Green Bay

Zac: Green Bay

We all agree here. Our experts clearly trust Aaron Rodgers.

Detroit (-1.5) at Minnesota:

Tom: Minnesota

Brian: Minnesota

Al: Detroit

Zac: Detroit

The line opened with the Lions favored by 2.5, but the loss of Calvin Johnson has flipped the line to -1 in favor of the Vikings. Our experts are split.

Carolina (+7) at Cincinnati:

Tom: Carolina

Brian: Carolina

Al: Cincinnati

Zac: Carolina

The loss of A.J. Green this week hasn't affected the spread movement too much. However, everyone but Al thinks the Panthers will at least be able to cover.

New England (-3) at Buffalo:

Tom: Buffalo

Brian: New England

Al: New England

Zac: New England

The Pats are riding high after a big win over the Bengals. Tom thinks the Bills will at least cover though.

Baltimore (-3) at Tampa Bay:

Tom: Baltimore

Brian: Baltimore

Al: Baltimore

Zac: Baltimore

The line opened at -1 in favor of the Ravens and has gone up -3.5. All of our experts like the Ravens this week.

San Diego (-7) at Oakland:

Tom: San Diego

Brian: San Diego

Al: San Diego

Zac: San Diego

We clearly don't believe in the Raiders.

Dallas (+8) at Seattle:

Tom: Seattle

Brian: Dallas

Al: Dallas

Zac: Seattle

We're split with this one. Tom and Zac are rolling with Seattle, while Brian and Al are picking Dallas.

Washington (+3.5) at Cardinals:

Tom: Arizona

Brian: Washington

Al: Arizona

Zac: Washington

Another split, with Tom and Al picking the Cardinals despite uncertainty at the QB position. This line has dropped after opening at -6 in favor of the Cardinals.

NY Giants (+3) at Philadelphia:

Tom: Philadelphia

Brian: Philadelphia

Al: Philadelphia

Zac: NY Giants

Everyone but Zac is rolling with the Eagles this week.

San Francisco (-3) at St. Louis:

Tom: 49ers

Brian: 49ers

Al: 49ers

Zac: 49ers

Our final game of the week is a unanimous one.

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