Wait, NFL Jerseys Are Selling For HOW MUCH Now?


The NFL and Nike are teaming up to offer jerseys that won't break the bank - as long as you own a bank.

Nike's 'elite' jersey is now retailing for $294.95. What makes them so expensive? Let's let our friendly Nike marketing copywriters explain:

“Zoned stretch fabric at the sides that’s tailored for a precise fit and easy movement, while strategic ventilation over major heat zones and water-repellant fabric help keep you dry and cool when you’re cheering on your team.”

The jersey was selling for $250 last year, so it's not like obscene pricing is anything new, but it's almost fascinating to see just how much Nike is going to try and sell these for going forward. With no competition for licensed NFL apparel, Nike is free to charge pretty much anything they want - if they decided to sell a gold-trimmed, diamond-studded Eli Manning jersey for $12,500, absolutely no one would stop them (and even worse, someone would probably pay for it).



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