The Full, Explicit Text Message History Between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin


The full text message history between Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito leaked to the guys over at The Big Lead, and you can read the full text message history between the two players in all its explicit, NSFW glory there.

The texts definitely hurt Martin's case against Incognito - the two come off more as frat brothers messing around than a bully and a victim. While Martin does seem to grow weary of the partying that the two discuss almost constantly, Incognito supports him more often than not, and the insults are almost always reciprocated.

The biggest takeaways:

- Martin doesn't come off as the "fish out of water" Stanford graduate in a coarse, unfriendly locker room. Just as filthy as Incognito on several occasions, Martin texts his teammate an explicit picture of himself with strippers (on 6/1/2013) and doesn't seem at all bothered by anything Incognito says.

- The NFL will definitely pay close attention to the drug references in the texts - a message from Incognito claiming teammates showed up at an event "9 doobies deep" on 7/30/2013 will probably get some attention, despite the NFL's softening stance on marijuana.

For the full rundown, check out The Big Lead's article HERE.


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