The Browns Spent $100k On A Study To Determine The Best QB In The 2014 Draft - The Results Might Surprise You


You can't blame the Cleveland Browns for wanting to get this one right. A franchise that historically hasn't had much luck in the draft, Cleveland is leaving no stone unturned in their quest to draft someone who'll actually be on the roster four years from now.

According to CBS Sports, now-departed team president Joe Banner commissioned the study last year, and current management decided to let it play out - the money had already been spent. Jason La Canfora says the study was extremely thorough:

"[it evaluated] decades of successful NFL quarterbacks and [took] all sorts of variables into consideration...and ultimately pointed to Teddy Bridgewater having the best success rate of this year's group of quarterbacks."

It's hard to find a consensus on Bridgewater - some draft analysts - like our own Tom Downey - agree with the study, while others are far from optimistic about his NFL future.

The Browns have the fourth pick in tonight's draft, and we'll find out then if they decided to take the results of their $100,000 study to heart. Our latest mock draft has them going in a slightly different direction, and it's

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