Roger Goodell Wants Michael Sam In The NFL

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With the possibility of Michael Sam becoming the first openly gay player to play in the NFL, commissioner Roger Goodell believes the league is ready and willing to accept Sam with open arms.

Per Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk, here's Goodell's thoughts on the idea of Sam making in onto an NFL team, via an interview with

I want to see Michael Sam get an opportunity to play in the NFL. We like to say the NFL is the ultimate meritocracy. If you can play football, they want to see you play. The teams want you. The fans want you. And that’s ultimately what it’s all about. I have great respect for Michael, his courage, his decision to become public, and I’m optimistic that he’s going to get that opportunity, and hopefully he can play at this level.

Despite winning the 2013 SEC Defensive Player of the Year award, the former Missouri Tiger is projected to land in either the late rounds on Saturday -- if he is drafted at all.

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