How Much Is Each NFL Owner Worth?

While most NFL fans assume Jerry Jones has the deepest pockets of all the league's owners, that isn't the case - five actually have a net worth greater than Mr. Jones, and several others are in the same ballpark. To clarify which owners are richest, we've put together this list of the NFL's wealthiest owners, as of February 2014:

1. Paul Allen - Seattle Seahawks


2. Stan Kroenke - St. Louis Rams


3. Stephen Ross - Miami Dolphins


4. Terrance Pegula - Buffalo Bills


5. Glazer Family - Tampa Bay Buccaneers


6. Shahid Khan - Jacksonville Jaguars


7. Robert "Woody" Johnson - New York Jets


8. Jerry Jones - Dallas Cowboys


9. Robert Kraft - New England Patriots


10. Joan Tisch - New York Giants

$2.9B (The Tisch family splits ownership with the Mara family, who are worth approx. $500 million)

11. Stephen Bisciotti - Baltimore Ravens


12. Bob McNair - Houston Texans


13. Arthur Blank - Atlanta Falcons


14. Jim Irsay - Indianapolis Colts


15. Jimmy Haslam - Cleveland Browns


16. Ford Family - Detroit Lions


17. Tom Benson - New Orleans Saints


18. Zygi Wilf - Minnesota Vikings


19. Virginia Halas McCaskey - Chicago Bears


20. Jeffrey Lurie - Philadelphia Eagles


21. Daniel Snyder - Washington Redskins


22. Jed York - San Francisco 49ers

$1.2B ($1.1B through his mother, Denise DiBartolo York)

23. Jerry Richardson - Carolina Panthers


24. Estate of Bud Adams - Tennessee Titans

$1.1B (Adams passed away in October 2013)

25. Pat Bowlen - Denver Broncos


26. Alex Spanos - San Diego Chargers


27. Mike Brown - Cincinnati Bengals


28. Dan Rooney - Pittsburgh Steelers


29. Carol & Mark Davis - Oakland Raiders



Clark Hunt - Kansas City Chiefs

The Hunt family has amassed a fortune worth over $5 billion, but it's unclear how much of that money Clark Hunt controls. The Chiefs are worth just over $1B, as of late 2013.

Bill Bidwill - Arizona Cardinals

Bidwill's net worth is unknown, but is estimated to be just shy of the $1B mark

N/A - Green Bay Packers

As a publicly-owned, non-profit corporation, the Packers are owned by 363,491 different stockholders. The team itself is currently valued at $1.18B.

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