How Many Wins Does Each Division in the NFL Have?

How many wins does each NFL division have so far this season? It's a huge turnaround from a few years ago, when both West divisions were struggling badly.

1. NFC West 29-15

No surprise here - the 10-1 Seahawks, 7-4 49ers and 7-4 Cardinals are all having solid seasons, while the 5-6 Rams are doing well in spite of Sam Bradford's season-ending ACL tear.

2. AFC West 27-17

The Broncos and Chiefs aren't surprising anyone at this point, and the Chargers (5-6) and Raiders (4-7) both have more wins than expected.

3. NFC South 22-22

Ahh, parity. In the NFL's only well-balanced division, the Saints and Panthers are both very good, and the Bucs and Falcons are both very bad.

4. AFC East 22-22

The Patriots are having their usual solid year, and there's a logjam behind them with the Jets, Dolphins and Bills all playing well enough to (theoretically) stay in the hunt, but badly enough to keep expectations low.

5. AFC North 21-23

Probably the NFL's weirdest division, the reigning Super Bowl champs are 5-6 while the Bengals are quietly holding steady at 7-4. No one knows what to make of Pittsburgh, and despite some promising play to start the season, the Cleveland Browns are starting to look like the Cleveland Browns we all know and love.

6. NFC North 19-25

Aaron Rodgers' broken collarbone blew the NFC North playoff race wide open, and while the 2-8-1 Vikings aren't going anywhere, the Lions, Bears and Packers all have realistic hopes of making the playoffs.

7. NFC East 19-25

The NFC East is one of the biggest surprises of the year - the Cowboys and Eagles are both jockeying for position at 6-5, and while the Giants have rebounded well after a miserable start, the Redskins are headed in the opposite direction.

8. AFC South 16-28

The Colts started well but have struggled since losing Reggie Wayne for the year, and while the Titans are competent at 5-6, Houston and Jacksonville are a swirling vortex of suck.

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