Find Out How Many Miles Your NFL Team Will Travel In 2014

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The Oakland Raiders' 2014 NFL season is shaping up to be a tough one.

In addition to having the toughest strength of schedule according to the NFL's projections, the Oakland Raiders will also travel a ridiculous 36,106 miles, barely under 10,000 miles more than the #2 team on the list, the Seattle Seahawks.

The Oakland Raiders' trip to London in Week 4 plays a huge factor in their frequent flyer miles, as a round trip from Oakland to London covers about 10,730 miles - more than seven NFL teams will travel during the entirety of 2014.

Oddly enough, the Seattle Seahawks are the only team in the top-5 of miles traveled that will not play in London - still logging 26,144 miles regardless.

With special thanks to John Breech of (via information obtained from Pro Football Reference), here's a look at how many miles your NFL team will log in the friendly skies this upcoming season:


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