The 8 Best WRs In The NFL In 2015

The NFL is loaded with really good wide receivers. Some of those WRs didn't make this list. Jordy Nelson was a lock before he tore his ACL. Players like Randall Cobb, Alshon Jeffery and T.Y. Hilton just missed out. Younger players such as Mike Evans and DeAndre Hopkins could be on this list next year. There are numerous other players that have good arguments too, but this list can't include everyone. Here are the eight best WRs in the NFL.

8. Demaryius Thomas

The Denver WR just signed a big contract and rightfully so. He's a big play threat and Denver uses him in exactly the right way. If Thomas improves his route tree, he could be a top five wide out. 

7. Emmanuel Sanders

Yes, Denver's other WR is above Thomas. Sanders doesn't have the name recognition, in part because he isn't as great in fantasy football as Thomas. Sanders doesn't put up the big plays like Thomas does. However, Sanders a better route runner and a more polished receiver. Sanders and Thomas are the best WR duo in the NFL. 

6. A.J. Green

Green was injured last season, but he should be healthy this year. He's a great WR and makes Andy Dalton look better than he is. Green is due for a new contract and he will get paid. 

5. Calvin Johnson 

Johnson is still Megatron, but he's battled injuries each of the last two seasons. He's still a top five WR, but takes a beating each game. At this point in his career, Johnson might have issues playing a full 16 games each year. 

4. Odell Beckham

Beckham's start to his career was simply insane. The hype surrounding him might be too much, but it still looks like he'll be a top five WR for much of his career. His stats in 12 games last season would have been enough to put him on this list if he did it in 16 games.

3. Julio Jones

Jones was healthy after fixing his foot last season and he had a monster year. He caught only six TD passes, but that number will rise this season. He's going to have an even bigger year and at age 26, he's still getting better. That's a terrifying thought for opposing teams. He's due for a new contract and he'll get a massive one. 

2. Dez Bryant 

If you think Bryant should be No. 1, that's okay with me. He's one of the most competitive players, and that's a good thing. His route tree has vastly improved since entering the league. He's a threat to score every time he touches the ball. He's absolutely worth the big contract Dallas gave him. 

1. Antonio Brown 

Maybe Brown isn't as much of a home run threat as Bryant is. But what ultimately puts Brown ahead of everyone else is his consistency. Brown will start this season on an 18-game streak of at least five catches and 70 yards in each game. No one in the history of the NFL has ever done that. Not even Jerry Rice. 

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