7 Potential Head Coaching Jobs For Chip Kelly

Updated 1:30PM, 12/30/2015

Now that the Philadelphia Eagles have fired Chip Kelly, he's immediately become one of the hottest coaching commodities once again. Things didn't work out in Philadelphia this season, but Kelly had success his first two years and turned Oregon into a national championship contender. 

Kelly has several options. He can return to college like Steve Spurrier, Nick Saban and Lou Holtz, although that might require him to wait a season since every notable college job is already filled. Schools like Georgia, Virginia Tech, USC and Miami (FL) aren't options because they've already hired coaches. Of course, there are a few jobs on this list that could make a move for Kelly THIS season or wait until next year. 

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Kelly can also find another NFL coaching job, something he told Jay Glazer he wants to do. Several teams wanted Kelly when the Eagles nabbed him and despite the struggles this year, he'll likely have another shot if he wants it in the NFL. With that in mind, here are 7 Potential Head Coaching Jobs For Chip Kelly:

7. Texas A&M Aggies
Many, many schools could take this spot, but we can't list every single one. A&M is one of three colleges here, because they could make the move to add Kelly this season. Kevin Sumlin has already lost two five-star QBs this offseason and that's led to speculation that things aren't going to well at Texas A&M. There was even a report that A&M had looked into firing Sumlin. Now that Kelly is on the market, expect to hear a few Kelly-to-A&M rumblings. 

6. LSU Tigers
Yes, LSU already said Les Miles is going to stay as head coach. That made everyone happy, but everyone is forget that the boosters and administration at LSU still don't want Miles. We're going to go through a possible Miles firing again at some point, and it might even happen this year. If LSU can get Kelly, it might be enough to sway the public about firing Miles. However, with Kelly saying he wants to stay in the NFL, that hurts LSU's chances. 

5. Miami Dolphins
There's a possibility that Kelly will be linked to every head coaching job in the NFL, but we're only listing the ones that make the most sense. If the 49ers job opens, that could be a potential option. Joe Philbin didn't work in Miami and owner Stephen Ross isn't afraid to add a big name. It'd be risky, but Ryan Tannehill would be a strong fit in Kelly's offense. Hue Jackson still feels like the future Miami head coach, but Kelly should at least be considered. 

4. Texas Longhorns
Texas and Charlie Strong seem headed to an eventual divorce, unless Strong turns things around quickly. The presence of Kelly on the open market is not going to cool off Strong's seat. There are at least a few boosters at Texas trying to figure out if Kelly would take the Texas job. There is at least a segment at Texas that would hire Strong for Kelly in an instant, even if it's unlikely to happen

3. Indianapolis Colts
Kelly would likely love to get the Colts' job. After all, what offensive coach wouldn't want to work with Andrew Luck? But while Kelly might have interest, the Colts might not reciprocate. Jim Irsay wants a big name, and it's unclear if Kelly qualifies. At the very least, expect to hear a few Kelly-Colts rumors. 

2. Cleveland Browns
The Browns went after Kelly hard, but Kelly spurned them in favor of the Eagles. The Browns could still want Kelly and he'd be an upgrade over Mike Pettine. If the Browns want to give Johnny Manziel a shot at being the QB next season, Kelly might be the team's best bet for success. Manziel would be a great fit in Kelly's system and Kelly wanted Manziel at Oregon. It wouldn't be a surprise at all if the Browns chase Kelly again this offseason. 

1. Tennessee Titans
Like there's any other option for Kelly's top destination. This almost makes too much sense. The Titans were linked to him earlier this year and it would reunite Kelly with Marcus Mariota. It's also a smaller market and the Titans' front office would likely give Kelly control over personnel. The Titans and Kelly are going to be constantly mentioned in the same breath until Kelly is hired.  

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