6 NFL Head Coaches On The Hot Seat

Every year, several NFL head coaches start off the year on the hot seat. Sometimes they avoid getting fired by winning enough games, like Jason Garrett did last season. Sometimes they don't reach expectations and get canned, like Rex Ryan and John Fox last year. Getting fired and hired is the circle of life for NFL coaches. Here are six NFL head coaches who are on the hot seat entering this season and what they must do to keep their jobs. 

Ken Whisenhunt 

Whisenhunt's record in his last 28 games as a head coach is 3-25. Seriously, it was that bad in his final days with Arizona and last year with the Titans. Whisenhunt needs for his team to show improvement this season, or he's going to be out a job. If the Titans play better than last year and can win five games, Whisenhunt should get another season in charge. 

Gus Bradley

Bradley knew he was taking over a rebuilding job, which is why Jacksonville has been okay with seven wins in two seasons. But, time isn't something easily given in the NFL. Everyone wants to win now, which means Bradley needs to show improvement this season. That means getting at least five wins. 

Jeff Fisher

Fisher took the Rams job three seasons ago, but hasn't done much in St. Louis. In fact, the Rams' win percentage has dropped each season Fisher has been in charge. The offense has been overhauled, with Nick Foles taking over for Sam Bradford. If Fisher wants to keep his job, then he'll need Foles to reverse the win percentage trend and win at least seven games.  

Joe Philbin

The Dolphins have gone 7-9, 8-8 and 8-8 in the three years Philbin has been in charge. He was almost fired after last season, but he's getting one more chance to guide the Dolphins to the playoffs. If Philbin doesn't do that, he's as good as gone. 

Tom Coughlin

Two Super Bowl wins and patient ownership have given Coughlin another season at the helm. Coughlin's teams tend to play well when he's on the hot seat and Coughlin will need to them to do just that. Another losing season will result in Coughlin's "retirement." He needs to make the playoffs this season. 

Jay Gruden

Washington has been a disaster of an organization since Dan Snyder became owner. Gruden has won seven games since becoming head coach and might not last another poor season. Snyder hired a new general manager, who could want his own head coach in charge. Gruden needs to match his win total from his first two years this season to keep his job. Washington might start next season with a new head coach and quarterback. 

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