The 6 Most Popular NFL Teams On Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, you probably "like" your favorite NFL team. Maybe you like a few different teams and follow them on Facebook.  

If so, you're not alone. Millions of people follow the NFL and its teams on Facebook. But which ones are the most popular? Here are the six most popular NFL teams on Facebook. 

(Note: We only counted official team pages, not unofficial ones or groups.)

6. Chicago Bears: 4.04 million

5. San Francisco 49ers: 4.1 million 


4. Green Bay Packers: 4.98 million 

3. Pittsburgh Steelers: 6.092 million 

2. New England Patriots: 6.098 million

1. Dallas Cowboys: 8.05 million 

If you're wondering what team is in last, it's the Jacksonville Jaguars with just over a half million likes.  

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