The 5 Worst Starting QBs In The NFL

It's really, really hard to be an NFL quarterback. Average NFL QBs are incredibly valuable: just look at the contracts given out. Some quarterbacks just aren't cut out to be starters. With that in mind, here are the five worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL. 

5. Robert Griffin III

I'm sorry Robert. I want him to be good. I want him to be the player he was in his rookie season. But, RGIII is simply not very good right now. It's not even totally his fault. The Redskins have refused to use him the right way. RGIII was doomed from the start. He really needs a change of scenery. 

4. Brian Hoyer

He's a younger Josh McCown (see below). Hoyer is a good player to have as a backup QB, but he's not starting material. 

3. Josh McCown

He's a replacement level QB who had a string of good games in Chicago. McCown shouldn't be starting on any NFL team. On the bright side, he might end up making a pretty good coach soon.  

2. Matt Cassel 

He's still battling for the starting job, which I hope goes to Tyrod Taylor. Cassel is an aging veteran who can't throw deep anymore. He's best left as a backup who can mentor a younger QB. Expecting anything more is foolish. 

1. Geno Smith 

Smith may not be the starter right now since he's out with a broken jaw, but he will be once he gets healthy. He's just awful. He is slow moving through his progressions and making reads, which ruins the limited talent he has. The Jets are going nowhere as long as Smith is the starter. 

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