5 Bold Predictions For Week 3 Of The NFL

Week 3 of the NFL season is here, which means it is time for some bold predictions. Remember, these predictions are supposed to unexpected. Picking Seattle to beat the Bears isn't bold. These predictions really aren't likely to come true and that's what makes them bold. With that in mind, here are five bold predictions for Week 3 of the NFL. 

There Are No Major Injuries

Given the rash of injuries that have plagued the NFL so far, this actually does count as bold. Of course there will be some injuries, but the injury bug will avoid the star players this week. For the sake of fantasy owners everywhere, that's a good thing. 

The Cowboys Win And Brandon Weeden Plays Well 

That's right, the Ginger Cringer himself will actually guide the Cowboys to a win. He won't commit any turnovers and he'll find a way to improve the Cowboys' record to 3-0. Hey, I did say these were bold predictions. 

The Eagles Are Blown Out By The Jets

I still have the feeling Chip Kelly will get things turned around, but it won't be this week. The Jets defense is good and Darrelle Revis (assuming he plays) will shut down Jordan Matthews this week. He's been one of the few productive Eagles this season. The running game continues to struggle and Sam Bradford contiunes to turn the ball over. The Jets take advantage and win by a comfortable margin. 

The Denver Offense Finds Life

The Denver offense has struggled so far this season, but it finds new life against the Lions. Detroit's defense doesn't look great, especially with DeAndre Levy out. The Lions secondary is porous, as Philip Rivers and the Chargers showed. Peyton Manning's issues haven't been because of his dwindling arm strength; it's been more of a timing problem. The Broncos get that fixed and the offensive line improves just enough to give Manning time to torch the Lions' defense. 

The Jaguars Beat The Patriots 

And we close with the boldest of all the predictions. The Jaguars are the second biggest underdogs, behind only the Chicago Bears this week. However, the Patriots' secondary has issues and the Jaguars' defense is underrated. Blake Bortles and Allen Robinson have a monster game and shock the Patriots. Like I said, it's a bold one. 

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