4 Teams That Could Draft MSU QB Connor Cook - And Which Round He’ll Be Selected

Michigan State Spartans QB Connor Cook is one of the more controversial QBs in the NFL Draft this season. He was a winner at Michigan State and played in pro-style offense. He has a strong enough arm and the ability to pick up an NFL playbook will only be helped by the offense. He has the size for the NFL as well. 

But there are questions about Cook's accuracy, arm strength and leadership. Cook likely won't be a first round pick, but he should go at some point on Day 2. The uncertainty of the second and third rounds of the draft means it's tough to project exactly where he'll go. NFL teams are always searching for a franchise QB, and there are at least a few that think Cook can be that player, despite the accuracy issues. Many think Cook could be a late first or early second round pick, but I'm not as high on Cook and don't think he'll go that early. With that in mind, here are the four teams most likely to select Connor Cook in the 2016 NFL Draft. 

4. San Francisco 49ers - Round 3
If the 49ers don't take a QB like Jared Goff in Round 1, they could look for a QB like Cook on Day 2. They could even pull the trigger on Cook in Round Two, although the original passing on Goff means that all the QBs will slide a bit further as a result. The 49ers have taken a hard look at Cook.

3. Los Angeles Rams - Round 3
The Rams traded Sam Bradford for Nick Foles and a second round pick, with the hope that Foles would provided stability at the QB spot. That wasn't the case, as Foles was just awful this season. The team eventually turned to Case Keenum, who was much better as the starter. But it's tough to envision Keenum as the starter and the Rams could be looking for another QB in the draft this year. Cook wouldn't need to start, as Keenum could hold down the fort until Cook is ready. The Rams run-first offense could be a good fit for Cook.

2. Chicago Bears - Round 3
The Bears have Jay Cutler, but they need someone to groom behind him. Perhaps Cutler won't make the best mentor, but the Bears are going to have to draft a QB at some point with Cutler on the roster. Cook fits the Bears' offense and could use a year or two to develop. For more NFL Draft coverage, download the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app

1. Denver Broncos - Round 2
Unlike the rest of these teams, Denver might need to pull the trigger a round earlier because of where the Broncos are picking. While John Elway might have concerns about Cook's accuracy, but Cook would fit in the Broncos' run-first offense. The Broncos likely wouldn't ask Cook to start right away, although Denver is one of the few places he probably could start and find success his rookie year. 

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