4 Teams That Are The Most Likely To Pick Mitchell Trubisky In The NFL Draft

Former North Carolina Tar Heels quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is expected to be the first QB taken in the NFL Draft this year and is a near-lock to be a Top 15 pick. Trubisky could be a Top 5 pick and it'd be a major surprise if he doesn't go in the Top 15. Here are the four teams that are most likely to draft Trubisky. 

4. San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers still need a franchise QB, and they'll get the first shot at taking one. But, I'm not sure they will. The franchise could think landing Kirk Cousins is an option next year, or they'll take some later in the draft. Trubisky at No. 2 seems a bit early, so I suspect the 49ers go elsewhere and Trubisky goes outside the Top 5. 

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3. Arizona Cardinals
I don't think Trubisky lasts until No. 13 overall. But if he does, the Cardinals could pull the trigger. Arizona needs a long-term option behind Carson Palmer and this should be a good landing spot for Trubisky. Sure, he's not the big-armed QB Bruce Arians likes, but it could work. 

2. Cleveland Browns
The Browns are looking (still) for a franchise QB. After passing on a round one QB last year, the Browns could pull the trigger this year. There's buzz the Browns really like Trubisky, so much so they could try to trade up past the No. 1 team on this list. I'm not sure they will, but they could take him at No. 12 overall. In fact, I don't see Trubisky falling past the Browns' pick at No. 12. 

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1. New York Jets
As I projected in my latest NFL Mock Draft, I think the Jets will take Trubisky. I believe they're high on him and the presence of Christian Hackenberg won't prevent them from taking Trubisky (think a lesser version of the Cam Newton - Jimmy Clausen scenario). If the Jets think Trubisky can be their franchise option, they'll pull the trigger on him at No. 6. 

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