4 NFL Coaches Who Are Likely To Be Fired After This Season

We all know that the rumor mill is going to be buzzing over the next month when it comes to the job security of some unlucky NFL coaches. While some of those rumors will amount to a bunch of hot air, these next four head coaches have reason to be worried. Here's our list of the 4 NFL Coaches Who Are Likely To Be Fired After This Season.

4) Gus Bradley, Jaguars 

The Jaguars are a young team, but a 4-7 start is not good enough in Bradley's third year with the team. This was never going to be a quick fix, but changes have to come at some point., but if Bradley's team can't continue to show some improvement soon, it could cost Bradley his job. 

3) Jim Tomsula, 49ers

Tomsula might be the most unqualified head coach in recent NFL history. He was a defensive coach in NFL Europe, the D-League of the NFL, for seven years, and was a defensive line coach for a Division II school. He was an NFL Europe head coach for a season before taking over as the 49ers' defensive line coach in 2007, but has yet to prove himself capable of handling an NFL head coaching gig.. The 49ers lost plenty of key players, but it's clear Tomsula was a massive, massive downgrade from Jim Harbaugh.

2) Jim Caldwell, Lions 

Part of the blame belongs to offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi, who had done a terrible job this season and is now out of work, but the buck stops with the head coach. The Lions had playoff expectations this season, but Caldwell's team was the last one in the league to pick up a victory and lost any and all momentum it had during a three-game winning streak on an Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary on Thursday night. He may not deserve it per se, but the Lions' 4-8 record is enough for the axe to fall on Caldwell's office chair.

1) Mike Pettine, Browns

Mike Pettine's seat is growing hotter and hotter with each loss, and with the Browns posting a dreadful 2-9 record on the season. Thanks to some questionable coaching decisions, his job is squarely on the line. Pettine is now 9-18 as Browns head coach and patience is wearing thin. It appears inevitable that he'll be ousted by the end of the season or even before that.

Our sources indicate that the Browns are going to offer Ohio State Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer the most lucrative coaching deal in NFL history, and Pettine's ouster will be the official start of that courtship.

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