3 Teams Favored To Sign Sam Bradford This Offseason

The Super Bowl hasn't kicked off yet, but free agency is already on the minds of the other 30 NFL teams not playing one more game. There are several big-name free agents schedule to hit the market this offseason and they'll be the top targets for many teams.

One of those players is QB Sam Bradford. While Bradford has struggled at times and hasn't lived up to the expectations that came with being the No. 1 overall draft pick, he is the free agent QB most likely to hit the open market. It's tough to find starting-quality QBs, and that's exactly what Bradford is. While Bradford won't the ludicrous $25 million his agent asked for, he will get paid. A top-15 QB contract is a serious option for Bradford, because contracts are all about leverage. With a terrible free agent crop and several teams in need, Bradford will be able to get a solid contract. With that in mind, here are three possible destinations for Sam Bradford this offseason. 

Houston Texans
The Jets beat out a few teams like the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns, either of whom could very well end up with Bradford. The Texans could very well elect to just bring back Brian Hoyer for another year, but adding Bradford does make some sense. Bradford would fit in the Texans' offense, and head coach Bill O'Brien is a QB guru who should be able to get the most out of Bradford. If the Texans are willing to pay for Bradford, they might be able to land him. For more on the Texans' offseason, check out the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app

San Francisco 49ers
It's only natural to put Bradford and the 49ers together, since Chip Kelly is now the head coach in San Francisco. However, while Bradford and 49ers will linked be rumored, don't expect it to actually happen. The 49ers already have Colin Kaepernick, who is a perfect fit for what Kelly wants to do in an offense. Heck, even Blaine Gabbert is a strong scheme fit. Kelly might be high on Bradford, but GM Trent Baalke is still in charge of personnel in San Francisco. Expect the 49ers to stick with Kaepernick/Gabbert. For more 49ers offseason news, download the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app

Philadelphia Eagles
The most likely option seems like the Eagles electing to resign Bradford, possibly to a short-term deal. The Eagles really don't have any other notable options and the free agent market is a poor one. The Eagles don't need to commit to Bradford for the next seven years, but they should bring back Bradford next season. They might have to give Bradford a contract that will pay him quite a bit, but unless the Eagles want to turn to Chase Daniel, Bradford needs to be resigned. Check out the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app for more Eagles offseason news and rumors. 

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