3 Teams Favored To Sign Matt Forte This Offseason

Matt Forte has spent his entire career with the Chicago Bears, but he announced that the Bears told him they will not re-sign him this offseason as they elect to go with Jeremy Langford for their rebuild. Several teams are going to be interest in his services, but since he recently turned 30, he likely won't get a DeMarco Murray-type contract. With that in mind, here are three destinations for Matt Forte this offseason. 

New York Giants
The Giants desperately need a running back. Their running game was awful this season and it's clear Andre Williams and Rashad Jennings shouldn't be starting. While Forte's ability the passing game could be dampened by the presence of Shane Vereen, Forte would be a big upgrade over the current running back platoon. Of the three teams here, the Giants might be the most willing and able to give Forte a semi-large contract. For more on the Giants' offseason plans, download the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app

New England Patriots
This would be a classic Patriots move. They signed Steven Jackson near the end of the season, but Forte would be an upgrade. He'd be a great mentor for Dion Lewis and the Patriots could cap Forte's carries to keep him fresh. LeGarrette Blount happens to be a free agent, so bringing in Forte isn't a crazy idea. This would be like when the Patriots added Corey Dillon in the waining years of his career. Forte would need to take a team-friendly deal. The Chat Sports Android and iPhone app has more on the Patriots' offseason forecast. 

Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys have been linked to Forte since the start of last season. While Darren McFadden emerged this year, there's still plenty of reason for Dallas to try to add Forte. McFadden has constantly battled injuries and a platoon of McFaddden and Forte would be a deadly one. If Dallas can get Forte to sign on a team-friendly deal, they'd jump all over it. Check out the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app for more on the Cowboys. 

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